Cartogoo provides tools for surveying ,  map making, and 3D Visualization. Cartogoo  is used by  everyone from GIS professionals  to sightseeing tourists an easy and fun way of viewing real world spatial data.

The new Cartogoo Augmented Reality tools allow the user to mix the real world that they see with the spatial data in Cartogoo. As an example a user can walk down a street and "see" all of the buried pipes under the road surface, or a tourist can be in an empty field and "see" a Roman fort that was there 2000 years ago.

Cartogoo is not just a tool for visualizing and querying  your data right on site but you can also measure and record new information in the field using GPS, Total Stations, Lasers and even the occasional tape measure.

With Cartogoo all data is recorded graphically while still onsite, so you can immediately see and check your work, and also you can eliminate costly site revisits and errors. Cartogoo also lets you view your work in full 3D and even places you right on the map with our Google Earth interface. This functionality is not only for collecting new data, you can also bring your existing plans and drawings out to site for checking and editing.

Cartogoo aims to provide its products at very low cost, and has several programs in place to distribute its products to developing countries and academic institutions. The Cartogoo project is also supported through training courses, support activities, donations, and custom development.